Esprit Ecstasy
Duoshow at Housefront, Brussels
with Benjamin Bernt


The wings grazed the poles,
Then I got lost against myself
We arrived in a dangerous zone
A remote place.
On the hood of this silver spirit
the silver Venus
Light veils fly through the outposts
Haughty, contemptuous, while the radio screams
The silence stares at the horizon
and her thoughts elsewhere
Completely ignoring sidewalks I walk across
Alleys, dead ends and squares
Where parking is illegal.
An indifferent heart holds the reins
Princess of the Shadows
Modern Amazon, which the sculptor called «Esprit Ecstasy».
And so I screwed around
Before losing control
I walked slowly forward
staggered and a heavy blow
Has freed me from my daydreams. Shit!
Before me, the balance turned
up to her white pants
What’s your name?
Melody has red hair
And it’s her natural color.

(based on the song «Melody» by Serge Gainsbourg)